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The mission of Main Street Endocrinology is to model and practice family-centered, patient-centered care to the community using the principles of respect, dignity, grace and inclusion for all who seek care. Our principles are guided by the belief that every individual deserves an opportunity to achieve optimal well-being. We seek to provide care that is without judgement or bias, and offer open and innovative access to healthcare services for patients with acute and chronic endocrine disease and related metabolic disorders.

Our Practice

Main Street Medical Associates is a partnership between Dr. Adam Maass and Melanie Sutton, DNP, APN. We provide comprehensive endocrine care to children and adults with a variety of chronic endocrine diseases.

We provide office-based care, telemedicine and virtual care services. We offer patient-centered care hours and onsite laboratory services. We accept all insurance including Medicare and Arkansas Medicaid. We welcome all patients and consider it to be a privilege to be a partner in your healthcare delivery!

Our Providers

Our providers strive to create a comfortable and caring environment for our patients and staff. Learn more about each of our providers and how we work for you!

Patient Services

Endocrinology healthcare providers can diagnose and treat a variety of hormone imbalances and complications that arise. Hormones regulate many aspects of normal physical functioning and hormone imbalances are often the underlying reason for a wide range of medical conditions. If you are concerned that you have hormone imbalance please contact our office for an appointment!

We understand that your time and resources are valuable and our goal is to provide the best care at every visit. Please click the link below to see a list of our patient services!

We provide comprehensive testing and care for a variety of endocrine diseases and related disorders:

Type 1 Diabetes –

Insulin pump therapy/training

Type 2 Diabetes –

Continuous glucose monitoring/training

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) –


Hypothyroidism –


Hyperthyroidism –

Calcium disorders

Thyroid nodules –

Pituitary disorders

Thyroid cancer –


Adrenal disorders –


Obesity –

Testosterone deficiency

We are pleased to offer laboratory services within our practice! If you require initial or follow-up testing please call and schedule your labs today!

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Main Street Medical Associates is located at the corner of Main Street and Glenview Street in Cave Springs, AR. Parking is available along Main Street, across the street at the Watershed pond parking lot and handicapped parking is located on the side of the building along Glenview Street.

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  •  165 South Main Street, Cave Springs, AR 72712
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